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Sales conditions

Orders are payable prior to delivery by bank transfer or credit card.
Credit card users should give their account number and expiry date.
Minimum order quantities with credit card are 25,00€.
Optomatters cvba reserves the right to change list prices at any time without prior notice.

In order to ensure a fast delivery, always give name address, phone number, order date, quantity, product reference code etc...
All deliveries will be sent within 4 working days depending on product availability.
Out of stock products will require a 40 calendar day delivery time (if different we will notify you).


Standard postal fees will be charged to domestic orders.
Transportation costs plus 7,50 euro administration expenses will be charged to international orders.

Complaints should be sent by registered mail to Optomatters
within 8 calendar days from product delive

Costumer Service

Costumer service

All Optomatters customers can benefit from "Optometric case consulting".

You can provide the visual data of your client by: 

phone: +323 2711951
fax: +323 2710578 


and we will discuss and support you on developing a VT-program.

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