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eye  ergo®

The tool to keep the eyes fit

Visual problems caused by eyestrain, due to a greatly reduced pattern of movement of both body and eyes, can be easily trained by bringing flexibility into looking. With the eye ergo you can improve the condition of the eyes. 

eye  ergo®  
The tool to keep the eyes fit


Eyestrain is caused by excessive screen use as well as by persistent near vision, which means that too little is looked at different distances. Problems keeping clear sight at near? This too is often a consequence of decreasing flexibility. 

The use of the eye ergo stimulates the flexible focussing of the eyes on various distances and builds visual reserves.

This will prevent the eyes from being overstrained. Negative symptoms such as headaches, tired eyes and uncomfortable vision will be reduced.

The eyes are strained because of

• The focus distance
• Staring from the eyes during computer work

• Spontaneous decrease of the blink reflex
• Reduced flexible activity from the eyes

The above factors mean that continuous work with digital displays is not only very tiring but also can cause the following symptoms of eyestrain:

• Fatigue and irritated eyes
• Dry eyes because of reduced blinking whilst working on a   digital display
• Blurry vision
• Difficulties with accommodation of the eyes for various         distances after continued digital display work
• Uncomfortable vision
• Reduced concentration
• Headaches

Eyestrain can in a negative way influence the work performance. This is because the eyes are incapable to deliver a continuous physical effort and also because continuous computer work even further increases the eyestrain.

A functional Optometrist possesses the professional capacity to explain this instrument efficiently and to offer additional visual training. To find your local Optometrist have a look on

eye  ergo®  

How to use


The eye ergo is a 60 cm long tricolor batten with a marble and plexi cover.

How to use

• Remove the cover from the eye ergo.
• Hold the eye ergo horizontally in front of your nose.

  Put the marble in the red area and hold the eye ergo at

  5 cm distance from the nose. Move the eye ergo slightly       down so that the marble slowly starts to roll.
• Focus sharply on the marble until it has reached the end     of the green area.
• When the focus on the marble is not accu-rate, it will be        seen double. This can be corrected by extra focussing on    the marble.
• When the marble is at the end of the green area, move       the eye ergo slightly upwards
  and keep focussing on the marble whilst it is slowly rolling   back to the red area.


During intensive digital display use, perform this exercise approximately 3 times a day for 2 minutes.

The exercise is designed around three colors


This color stimulates the eyes to focus. When the marble is fixated in the red area the eyes are forced to look inwards so that the marble is still seen sharply. The red background stimulates the eyes to keep looking inwards because eyes respond spontaneously to the red colour with an increased activity. This inward viewing direction is part of the exercise and is less tiring than when focussing in a static way on a digital display.


This color has an energetic effect. The marble is rolling from the red into the yellow area. Here, the focus distance is neutral meaning that the eyes look neither inward nor outward. By focussing on the marble in the yellow area, the eyes will receive extra energy.


This color relaxes the eyes. The marble is rolling from the yellow into the green area which is the last part of the eye ergo. The eyes relax because they have to let loose and focus more outward.

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