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Institut Sehen products

macBrush V

The macBrush V is a high-quality and technically advanced instrument of functional optometry for the generation of the Haidinger Brush. 

The Haidinger Brush is an entoptic phenomenon which is generated in the fovea centralis by the macBrush V, regardless of whether the fovea centralis is used in normal vision or not. The Haidinger Tuft is perceived as a small propeller-like rotating structure.

If the Haidinger Brush is produced in case of amblyopia with eccentric fixation, then the small propeller is not located at the position that the person fixates with his amblyopic eye. Through this biofeedback the person sees for himself that he is eccentrically fixating. Using optometric techniques, the fixation location (directional value for strait forward) can be moved into the fovea centralis with the macBrush.

To create a Haidinger Brush in the fovea, a rotating polarized disc is required. When viewed through a cobalt filter, the phenomenon is most easily perceived. Stokes found that the tuft is best perceived when the degree of polarization is at least 60% and that light is cobalt blue.

The macBrush V is used in functional optometry as a testing and training device. 

Due to a precise adjustment of the Polaroid disc and the cobalt filter, the new mac Brush V achieves an even clearer visibility of the brush / propeller. Best performance thanks to high-quality acrylic and plastic, precisely milled to the 1/100mm.

Mini bearings provide for finest adjustment of the running speed of the turntable.

Infinitely variable settings for comfortable head and body posture.

The turntable can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.

The speed is variably adjustable.

macBrush V
macFlash IV

New flash device for flash transfer (neurological transmission of light impressions). For use after macBrush application and to improve foveal fixation.

  • quick charging time

  • fast flash sequence

  • Card with 5 flash motive, central and peripheral flashing to build binocular fusion

  • sturdy and durable case

macFlash IV
Rotator Mac

The new rotator trainer was professionally designed and processed. It is used for testing and increasing eye-hand coordination, attention to space and perception, dynamic visual acuity and dynamic fusion training.


The complete unit has a high-quality electronic control unit, variable speed (0 - 70 rpm), high-performance motor drive, luxury multi-position tilting device, tripod mounting stroke and stable tripod.

Rotator Mac

The MAC-O-SCOPE is a stereoscope newly developed by Josef Thiel for performing vision tests and / or vision therapy. The MAC-O-SCOPE is available in the versions "mini" (table) and "maxi" (standing solution).

For the new construction, it was very important for Josef Thiel to produce a stereoscope that can be used free-standing (without a table or wall support). The patient has a much better input when using the MAC-O-SCOPE while standing and with peripheral assimilation options. This is particularly important in a variate of different vision problems.

The MAC-O-SCOPE is used by behavioral optometrists to let their patients draw a Van Orden star and / or a chiroscopic image.

The binocular rivalry, the stereo tests and many other tests can be carried out with the MAC-O-SCOPE. Tests for binokular vision and visual projections are also recorded.

The Van Orden star is carried out to understand the patient and his visual problem better. Other professional groups (physicians and therapists) also use the Mac-o-scope as an important instrument. The MAC-O-SCOPE will only be delivered to professional groups.