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A Unique Customer Service

All Optomatters customers can benefit from "Optometric case consulting".
You can provide the visual data of your client by: 

phone: +323 2711951
fax: +323 2710578 
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and we will discuss and support you on developing a VT-program.


About Us

OPTOMATTERS a Belgian Company founded in 1990, is based on more than 27 years of professional experience in visual training in an Optometric centre in Antwerp, Belgium and a Centre in the Netherlands. 

Through our daily experience of needs and requirements of VT and, we focused our range of optometric material mainly on the youngest clients in a typical VT Centre. 
The most difficult challenge in VT is keeping the client's motivation. This is not an easy task, most certainly not with small children. Therefore we have made an attempt to "dress our methods in children's clothes" in order to keep the children's interest and enthusiasm. 

OPTOMATTERS uses red and bluegreen filters as dissociation techniques. The bluegreen filter in duochrome use with the red filter has been found to be an efficient septum between both eyes. 

OPTOMATTERS offers most of its training material in easily washable plastic, which warrants hygiene and long-lasting use. 

OPTOMATTERS has also developed new innovative methods and instruments for Syntonic-Optometry. 
We trust that the use of OPTOMATTERS' material will be very positive experience for you. 
We are always at your disposal for an efficient after-sales-service. 

Sonja Vanhimbeeck